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Clay Spa’s featured in The Sun
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Clay Spas - The Sun

The Sun have featured our new Clay Spa’s in the ‘Beauty News’ section of their ‘Women: Beauty’ page!

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Our Ingredients: Bergamot Oil
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One of the great things about working on natural products is you get to work with real ingredients that have their own personality, their own geography and even their own history.  One of my favourites is the bergamot oil we add to our Cucumber Peel Off masque.  Bergamot is a kind of orange, bred and grown purely for its uniquely fragrant oil.

It was originally grown only in the Calabria region of southern Italy – that is the extreme toe of the boot shaped by the coastline.  This is still where the best oil comes from and where we source it ourselves.  The particular combination of a volcanic soil and the right level of sun and rain gives the most desirable fruit.  This is lucky for the farmers of the region, because the soil is not good for much else and so they derive most of their income selling the oil to the food industry, the perfumery industry and of course to Montagne Jeunesse.

The oil is extracted in a very straightforward way.  The fruit is tumbled to bruise it, then pressed to extract the oil.  After that, all that is needed is to filter it and put it into bottles.  No heat is used, and no chemicals are required.  So what you end up with is just like it is in the plant.

The method of manufacture might be down to earth, but the smell most definitely is not.  Whenever I open a bottle, even in the middle of an English winter, it always carries me away to a warm sun in a deep blue Mediterranean sky.

By: Chris

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