Our Clays and Muds – Why do we use so many different types?
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Here at Montagne Jeunesse we are constantly looking for clays and muds from around the world

Clays and muds come in many different forms and are the result of the natural weathering of rocks over thousands of years. The most common forms that we use are kaolinites, illites and montmorillonites which we blend with selected fruits, herbs and essential oils to give the best combination for each individual product in our range.

The clays and muds work deep into the pores, cleansing the skin by absorbing excess sebum and removing dead skin cells and dirt. If you haven’t tried them you will be amazed at how smooth your skin feels after using them.

The natural clays give us many challenges as their different layered structures mean that each one has its own unique characteristic and texture. They also vary in colour due to their mineral content which we capitalise on to reduce the need for synthetic dyes. Amongst the many types of clay we use is Illite clay from the Mediterranean, Dead Sea mud from the Middle East, Cornish clay from England, Rhassoul clay from Morocco and Glacial clay from Alaska.

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