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Montagne Jenesse support Four Paws “Kiss Animal Tested Cosmetics Goodbye” Cruelty-Free Beauty Day 2012
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Montagne Jeunesse joins international animal charity Four Paws in bid to “Kiss Animal Tested Cosmetics Goodbye” Cruelty-Free Beauty Day 2012 for MEPs a stunning success

Montagne Jeunesse  was delighted to have the opportunity to work alongside leading European animal charity FOUR PAWS at its first-ever Cruelty-Free Beauty Day for MEPs , held on 6 December at the European Parliament, as part of FOUR PAWS’ KISS ANIMAL TESTED COSMETICS GOODBYE campaign.  The day was a huge success and Montagne Jeunesse was proud to lend its support to this exciting campaign to ensure the long-awaited full EU sales ban on animal-tested cosmetics goes through in March 2013.

The Cruelty-free  Beauty Day  was attended and supported by numerous MEPs, who pledged their support for the campaign while enjoying a tempting array of cruelty-free treatments and products.

Animal testing for new cosmetics was banned in the EU in March 2009 but many cosmetic ingredients continue to be tested on animals outside the EU and are imported for sale. The March 2013 complete sales ban represents the final phase of a long-awaited full ban, which has been subject to repeated delays since 1998. There are already an estimated 15-20,000 cosmetic ingredients available to the industry, as well as a variety of humane alternative methods to replace animal tests.

“Montagne Jeunesse remains at the forefront of providing gorgeous yet ethical cosmetics for the beauty market, and this exciting event was a chance to showcase our fabulous range of products while lending our support to this vital campaign.”

“We would like to thank FOUR PAWS for championing this cause, and for organising an innovative event to raise awareness about the suffering of animals used in cosmetics testing; also the MEPs who attended the event and enjoyed sampling our cruelty-free products. We look forward to their support to ensure the full sales ban goes ahead in March 2013!”

"Kiss Animal Tested Cosmetics Goodbye" Cruelty-Free Beauty Day 2012 - Four Paws

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