Your skin in winter
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Now the temperature is falling and days are getting shorter, it is time to start getting ready for winter. One of the big problems in winter is dry skin, particularly around the lips. It is a good idea to remember just why this is a problem.

Water is continually being lost across the skin and replaced from inside. Ideally these two processes should balance out, but if you are losing it quicker than it is being replaced your skin will get drier. It isn’t so much the cold that is the problem in winter as the low humidity. At low temperatures the air is simply drier, and on cold frosty days this is when your skin has the most problems retaining its moisture.

If it gets really bad you get a sort of feedback loop that builds up. As your skin becomes dry, the very dryness itself reduces the ability to hold the water in. So it is much better if you use a bit of prevention in advance.

The other complication is wind. A steady flow of air over your skin increases the rate of moisture loss as well. This is particularly a problem on the lips.

Using one of the Montagne Jeunesse lip balms is a great way to counter this problem. We picked the combination of beeswax, cocoa butter and shea butter specifically to keep your lips hydrated and in tip top condition. They will all work really well, just find the one with the flavour you like best. My personal favourite is the mango. Just be sure to be conscientious about using it when those cold blue winter skies appear.

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